Alex Grinton


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The Financial Times

Create awareness of The FT’s role as a trustworthy and intelligent news source in an increasingly divided world.

We developed a DOOH & online campaign that ran throughout the U.K. and U.S., utilizing The FT's unique rose-color base to drive home the importance of nuanced coverage in world that insists things are black and white. The campaign is designed to conform to the latest headlines and debates in near real time, from green tech and AI to whatever dumb thing Trump does next. Campaign manifesto is below the executions.

In an overwhelming world, it’s human nature to simplify.

But simple doesn’t need to be small-minded.

And there’s always more than two sides to every story.

The FT doesn’t overwhelm you, but it also doesn’t coddle you.

It guides you through complex issues, with insights that move beyond the margins to share a more meaningful view.

Impartial without leaving you indecisive.

Analysed so that you can act.

Because a limited truth isn’t truth at all.

The FT doesn’t hold anything back.

Which means you can move forward.

Don’t settle for black and white.