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Help their top brand of gourmet cookware, Anolon, reach a rabid and rapidly growing group on Tumblr - the social chef.

We created Whisk Takers, an original content Tumblr that dares you to get creative in the kitchen. Using editorial concepts that put a modern twist on the culinary status quo, we created videos, posters, illustrations, photo guides, and addictive gifs to fill your curious kitchen with new ideas you can’t wait to try on friends and family. Every new piece of content is developed to inspire, provoke, educate, build confidence, and most importantly, share.

We provoked new ideas around traditional cooking, and the social chef ate it up. Thousands of shares later, we've built a loyal following that now looks to Anolon as a category leader in thinking outside the stovetop. We're two years running and still going strong.

Whisk Takers was such an internal success that they asked us to rebuild their brand site in its image, and its content has become the central presence of their exclusive cookware sponsorship with the New York Wine and Food Festival. 

Follow Whisk Takers and see what's cooking.


Herb Hacks & Grains Explained:  A go-to illustrative poster series for common herbs, spices and grains

Elemental Eats: Beautiful, photographic breakdowns and gifs of overwhelming recipes and ingredients into easy-to-digest instructions and techniques

Hot Or Not: Interactive posts that let you choose a hot or cold recipe from a featured ingredient

Yes We Pan: Pinnable, magazine spread style guides to conquering the core techniques in cooking, using our top selling pots and pans

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...And many more. Also, this.